Pregnancy Woes, Wants, & Whatnots

Although this is my very first post, I have just entered the 24th week of pregnancy with my third little one. I've been meaning to start this blog, not only on beauty, but life in general. Obviously I've done little more than procrastinate...which really should be my middle name. Not procrastinating is at the top of my list of new year's resolutions every time it comes around, but we all know how that goes. To catch up on lost time, I'll try to keep it short and sweet. 

I've always loved being pregnant. The feeling that you get from another human being growing inside you is so unexplainable and IMO one of the most joyous life moments. Giving birth maybe not so much, but that is a whole other story in itself. my first two pregnancies were a breeze with no complications, so of course I thought this one would follow suit. Pretty sure I jinxed myself in that department. Note to self: do not brag, it will come back to bite you in the ass at some point! For the most part everything is going great. Baby looks nice an healthy. Me not the other hand, I'm growing by the second. I'm not quite sure if it's just because this is my third pregnancy, but I started showing around 10-11 weeks and have just been ballooning since then. This was taken yesterday:



I am officially at the point of when I gave birth to my first and still have three months to go! Besides already feeling like a house, the only other issue that has caused this to be more difficult is the hip/pelvic/back pain. One of the first things everyone tells you is to do your best to keep active. Not so easy if you feel like your vagina is about to fall off when you move around too much! I knew I couldn't approach my doctor with those terms, so as with everything else I started researching the web first. Most of my search terms ended with Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I knew that wasn't what I was looking for. I finally stumbled upon Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) and it explained all my symptoms to a T. So basically, I can't even walk around too much without being in pain. Luckily my older two are in school most of the day and I can relax while they're gone. I knew there was a big reason that I took online courses this quarter, finals are next week and I will really be able to just sit back, read and overload on Youtube!

If any of you mommies have gotten to this point yet, you know that being pregnant with your third child couldn't be anything further from the experience of the first. With the first, no matter how exciting, I think fear and anxiety overshadow a lot of those moments. Not knowing what to expect, what you really need, how to handle all the crazy moments that are in store for you as a mommy-to-be. I'm kind of curious about how much the average parent overspends on their first child just from not knowing what will really work with their lifestyle. So many things that you were so excited to put to use while you were pregnant go untouched once the baby actually arrives.

Being that we have limited space for our little girl on the way, I'm very much trying to downsize my wishlist/registry. For the bigger purchases, I want to keep things gender neutral (preferably gray) just in case we are blessed with another child in the near future. We're young, I'm not writing it off so soon. I think at this point, I really need to stick to the basics and just wait to purchase things as needed once she arrives. For starters, my older two both had cribs ready and waiting, but neither used all. Although it's a controversial topic, we did co-sleep with both of them. This time around, I am planning on setting up this travel cot next to the bed, so she is within reach, but something we can still use later on, unlike a bassinet. I checked this out in-store at Nordstrom and it's pretty nice, not at all like they cheap-looking Graco playpens we all grew up with. It also includes a detachable bassinet with quilted mattress, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I'm still undecided on whether or not I want the original or mini, but I guess the final decision will come down to what's more important: length of time we would be able to use or saving space?

I purchased a travel system not even a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant (Nordstrom was discontinuing the model, so the deal was too good to pass up) so the only other big ticket item on my list is a bouncer. I was so intrigued when I watched the promo video for this product, I immediately saved it to my bookmarks. Unlike a traditional swing or bouncer, this one does it's best to mimic the movements you would make while bouncing your baby in your arms. 



While I do have a stroller, on the rare moments that my husband will have the baby alone, he prefers to not use the stroller, so this baby carrier may come in handy. I think we may wait on it and see if it is necessary though.

Some of the other random whatnots on my wishlist are just essentials and cutesy clothes. Obviously I have a shoe addiction...

Beautiful Brushes

Confession #1 of this beauty addict: I'm obsessed with makeup brushes. I have more than one girl will ever need in a lifetime, yet I can't stop buying them. Just a few years ago, I wouldn't have known the difference between using a luxurious brush and one from the dollar store. But after having gone through so many, I am here to share my absolute favorites! 

I can never get enough of watching Mr. Goss on Youtube and when he announced the arrival of these brushes, I HAD to get my hands on them! The bristles are some of the softest I've ever felt. Alongside Hakuhodo (which is rumored to have crafted these) these are my favorite eye brushes ever, I don't think I will ever purchase eye brushes from any other than these two brands. The one preference I have for Hakuhodo is that I like the white goat hair bristles, however, their website is not the easiest to navigate. 

After having purchased this brush when Sephora launched the collection, I absolutely fell in love. Did not matter what liquid foundation I was using, this brush helps me achieve a flawless application everytime. I kid you not, my base always looks airbrushed when I use it. I even had to by a second one so that one is on hand when the other is drying after a good wash!

If you want to go for luxury, Chikuhodo is where I have topped out. I bought this set as Christmas present to myself this year and although it is a bit of a sticker shock, a girl deserves a splurge once in awhile. These brushes are so soft, I literally could just sit and rub them on my skin to relax. I really wanted the the Noel Collection, but it was sold out (I am eyeing it's return!). The only complaint I have for these is that they are short handled. I have fairly long fingers so I always prefer long handles and never buy travel sets.


What are some of your favorites? Suggestions on what I should try next?