Beautiful Brushes

Confession #1 of this beauty addict: I'm obsessed with makeup brushes. I have more than one girl will ever need in a lifetime, yet I can't stop buying them. Just a few years ago, I wouldn't have known the difference between using a luxurious brush and one from the dollar store. But after having gone through so many, I am here to share my absolute favorites! 

I can never get enough of watching Mr. Goss on Youtube and when he announced the arrival of these brushes, I HAD to get my hands on them! The bristles are some of the softest I've ever felt. Alongside Hakuhodo (which is rumored to have crafted these) these are my favorite eye brushes ever, I don't think I will ever purchase eye brushes from any other than these two brands. The one preference I have for Hakuhodo is that I like the white goat hair bristles, however, their website is not the easiest to navigate. 

After having purchased this brush when Sephora launched the collection, I absolutely fell in love. Did not matter what liquid foundation I was using, this brush helps me achieve a flawless application everytime. I kid you not, my base always looks airbrushed when I use it. I even had to by a second one so that one is on hand when the other is drying after a good wash!

If you want to go for luxury, Chikuhodo is where I have topped out. I bought this set as Christmas present to myself this year and although it is a bit of a sticker shock, a girl deserves a splurge once in awhile. These brushes are so soft, I literally could just sit and rub them on my skin to relax. I really wanted the the Noel Collection, but it was sold out (I am eyeing it's return!). The only complaint I have for these is that they are short handled. I have fairly long fingers so I always prefer long handles and never buy travel sets.


What are some of your favorites? Suggestions on what I should try next?